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Founded by Craig and Tricia Kleinsteiber in 2014, Watertown Share the Road is an organization of bicycle enthusiasts whose goal is to raise awareness of just how important it is to share the road with others that are walking, running, biking and driving. We strive for improved safety while enjoying activities that brings you happiness and good health. The proceeds from our fundraising activities and events are used in Watertown and surrounding areas for projects like Safe Routes to Schools, bicycle lanes, recreational trails and more.


Craig's Story:


August 26, 2014 was a perfect evening for a quick training bike ride. Feeling good, strong, and in taper mode with 12 days from Ironman Wisconsin. For some, it may not be a big deal, but was for me, a guy who was overweight and couldn’t even run a ½ mile 6 years prior. I was on the verge of one of my greatest life accomplishments. Just like that, the lights went out, and found myself left for dead on the side of the road. I found myself facing a lot of unknowns in life; fortunately, many friends, family, and people I never met stepped up to help me and my family through this rough time. One being March 2 November race series. M2N organized a fun bike ride and run/walk called “Share the Road”, with all the proceeds going to support my family. With all the generosity from everyone it was a no brainer to somehow give back.


I found a great group of people with the same passion as I have, health & wellness of the community, and being safe while doing such activities. That is where Watertown Share the Road began. We formed a pedestrian/bicycle advocacy group, and decided to organize an event to help raise funds to go towards community projects to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Watertown Share the Road Duathlon & 5k Run/Walk was started. What might just seem like another race, it’s truly much more. Whether a seasoned veteran of the triathlon community or an inspired individual looking for that one push for a healthy change of life, this event is for everyone. I can’t explain why things happen, nor why I am still here, but I can say my drive has changed. I never want to see anyone to ever go through what I did. That is why I have made it part of my life to bring safety and awareness to not only bikes but pedestrians and motorists as well. A huge thank you from the Kleinsteiber Family, and the Watertown Share the Road organization!

-Craig Kleinsteiber



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